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My Escort MK6 from Argentina


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Hello everybodies, First i´m sorry for my bad English.

I'm new to the forum and I have a Ford Escort LX 1998. In my country it's just the 3rd generation Escort sold, The Escorts were sold from 1989-2003


ok, no more words I show one of my 3 cars, my Escort LX 1998 (5 doors: LX - CLX - Ghia)








the hood has been repaired :D






these pictures are from a few months ago.








then add more photos in another topic, the forum is very good :thumb:

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Hello again boys. Yes I´ve plans, some subtles planes


I want to keep the engine aspirated, without turbo. I Purchase a stainless steel exhaust manifold 4-2-1 for then complete the high performance exhaust system.






Butterfly or body acceleration of 52mm or Mondeo 60mm. I have not purchased even




usually we put individual bodies, but I do not look much preparation...




My car already has accomplished much, but still want to give


- Perforated disc brakes on all 4 wheels. For that I need the rear axle of Escort XR3 or 1995 or Orion Ghia Pointer GTI

- Internal sun visor with light and mirrors

- leather

- Maybe chrome rines 8)

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