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Metal inlet plate arrived today that I'm going to mount the i4 inlet to




Just have to machine the plate in a couple of places so the fuel rail mounts don't foul it and it can sit flush and machine the top so the fuel rail can actually fit in




Then machine the ports on the plastic manifold to match as they run up at an angle but there's a lot of meat around that area so it's not a problem





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Designed and had made an adapter plate to fit my zetec throttle body to the i4 manifold




Bottom left hole lines up with an existing threaded hole top right hole I will drill and tap the manifold and the Middle right recess will hold the right hand side to the manifold which il drill and tap there .. The two left holes the bolts will go through the throttle body and into the manifold the upper and lower right hand holes il fit nylon nuts to the tray to hold the throttle to the already fixed plate





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