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how to find my old escort


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hello i was just wondering if anyone has any experience with finding cars once previously owned. I sold my pride and joy last year as you can tell regretfully because i had to drive a horrible company van and didn't have the space. i spoke to the person i sold it too who told me that he sold it on and hadn't got any contact details for the person who bought it. I have been constantly watching ebay, gumtree and autotrader to no avail if anyone has got any ideas i would really appreciate it 

registration was H3 MSR 

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still about by the looks of it

Registration number: H3 MSR
✔ Taxed

Tax due: 01 December 2015

✗ No MOT

Expired: 12 June 2015

New keepers must get tax before using the vehicle. Please be aware that if you have taxed, made a SORN or had an MOT in the last 5 days these details may not have updated.

Vehicle details
  • Vehicle make FORD
  • Date of first registration 31 January 1997
  • Year of manufacture 1997
  • Cylinder capacity (cc) 1796cc
  • CO₂Emissions Not available
  • Fuel type PETROL
  • Vehicle status Tax not due
  • Vehicle colour RED
  • Vehicle type approval Not available
  • Wheelplan 2 AXLE RIGID BODY
  • Revenue weight Not available
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It's my old 1 mate, I bought it off you down in Rochester I think it was. I had it for sale on retrorides for £395 I think it was but nobody was interested and eventually I sold it on eBay to a chap in Sheerness, I can give you he's eBay user ID for you to contact him regarding the escort if you like?


If it's been scrapped it'd come up vehicle details could not be found but it would also say that if somebody took the private plate off so you can't really tell

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The comment about " if its been scrapped then it would come up as no vehicle details " is wrong ive had several cars thats been scrapped they all come up on the data base ....... 

Well they clearly weren't scrapped in the right way mate (ie: declared to DVLA) as all scrap cars these days are registered to DVLA as being scrapped hence they appear as details could not be found. The only cars which have been scrapped yet will still appear are from a few years back, before 2005/2006 iirc before the new laws came into place. 


On the other hand, any news on getting this car back lately mate or not

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hey mike sorry for not replying sooner been absolutely hectic my end, been busy with work also looking at buying a new house and also another half pint on the way, i spoke to the guy who has my escort and ask what are his plans with it he did say if i wanted to buy it off him and i was extremely tempted but the reason i got rid of it in the first place was i didn't have the room for it and could spend all my time on it. so i afraid i found my car and have let it go again but perhaps if everything goes well with this house im looking at i would have a nice sized workshop for a future project . 

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