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Mk 6 Suspension Arm Recommendations


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Hi All,   Not posted on here for a good long while but have a question for all you knowledgable types.

Does anybody have any recommendations for makers of lower suspension arms?

My son has been having trouble getting suspension arms of decent quality for a couple of his Escorts. He has tried Borg & Beck,

which don't seem to last long and Truepart(?) which he describes as "better but still not good".

He is currently trying to sort one car which used to dive hard left under acceleration and right on over-run. He changed both arms, steering rack, ARB links, n/side drive shaft and gearbox. The box change made the most difference to where it is now driveable but still dives about. He suspects one arm is at fault still but wants to get a couple of good quality arms to try to cure the problem. We know genuine arms aren't available but does anyone have any recommendations.

Sorry for the long-winded post but want to show how far he has gone already.

Cheers guys, look forward to hearing your wisdom.

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Try Compbrake.




They also have (much) more expensive versions that are adjustable and have solid bearings.  Handy if the car is lowered or he's into trackdays but not so good on the wallet.

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We bought a pair of arms that were made by a firm called "Fahren". They seemed to have quite firm bushes and they look to have cured the pulling. The previous pair had bushes that were coming apart/adrift after about 3 months use, so cheap arms don't seem to be the way to go!!!

Thanks for the opinions, guys, much appreciated.

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