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Me new Si


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Went to see it last sat - and bought it - pick it up this saturday - cant wait... :D


its a '97 P 1.8 Si in State Blue - 42000 miles - i know its a 5 dr but i could let it go cos of that... paid 1500 quid :D


a few pics matt took when we went to veiw it - more to follow when i have gaven it a good clean :thumb: (Hopefully be able to take it to PF meet on sunday, fingers crossed)














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looks well nice mate, nice colour :cheers:


some RS7's or summat like that wud suit that a treat 8)



yeah i have quite afew ideas at the mo lol matt suggested RS7's actually too :P


the plan is to get the car and insure sorted, the essentials etc. then i am gunna see how much of me load money i have left a go from there basically :thumb:

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looks smart mate, they got the centre caps for th wheels ? :)

no mate its basically sold as seen - no real service history either but on a car thats done 40k theres no much to write down - the engine sounds all good - and the clutch and gear box are still sweat as a nut - the idle is still very strong and it returns to idle very quickly - doesnt fluctuate much either...


as far as i am concered its bang on - but i am gunna get it to a garage fairly soon just to make sure


i no it needs new disks and pads as they almost shagged and also exhaust is on the to do list...


but for 1500 quid i anit complaining ;)

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