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Kent Meet

Lee R

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what a night :roll: :roll: :roll:


if i'm honest, the pub was crap, cos we got seperated into 2 groups, still had a great laugh anyway. Scott, you are as mad as a box of frogs :roll: , like my belly button? ;) :roll:



The London trip was fcuking awesome :cheers: , tunnels :drool: , the sights, THAT rounabout :roll: :roll: were all fantastic :thumb:


LOL @ Toby spinning his car on the rounabout right in front of us :roll:


altogether an absolute class night, and hats off to the like of Dave W, Rob, Slingshot etc etc for travelling as far as they did :O


Nice to meet new people, wont list them cos i'll most likely forget some, and they'll think I dont like em :P



Chappers and Scott, take it you were bored at 70mph? :D We were thinking of poor Dave and he wheel catching arches problem :nutter: :D


I only took 1 pic, I know there will be loads floating about :)



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heya, soz i left early nice seeing some pals and meeting some new people too, however brief it was, i htought my garlic bread was scrummy :drool: chappers u nearly killed me tonight with ur steak! lauf i nearly cried, got a sneaky pick of u ating it :D. hope there is another meet soon i'llbe brave enough to drive to if ya all dont luagh at me car lol.


well nightevery one


jade x

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TBH I thought at first that a drive round London sounded a crap idea but it turned out to be brilliant! I'm surprised so many of us stayed together till the end!


Got a bit dizzy going round all the roundabouts about 1000 times (my excuse for spinning my car :innocent: ) but the underground one was deffinatly made for getting the back end out!


Great to meet everyone and the guys in the BMW who joined our convoy in Canary Wharf :thumb:


Will deffinately write more 2moro when I've recoved from the frostbite and tiredness :D


Dave - get the clip of me spinning my car on here :nutter: :D

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heh heh - i'm back (arrived about 1:30) will talk about it more tomorrow :thumb: i'm so tired right now lol


edit - lee, yes i got very bored at 70mph so me and scotteh pulled onto our private road and went a bit faster :thumb:


:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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Got in about 10mins ago :(


after detting off at half 10 :P


Big thanks to rob for giving me a lift down had a Good time for my first meet i will definatly be coming to more in the future.


:roll: :roll: Chappers and his god damn steak was so funny


i didn't get many pics of cars and things as my cam was pratting about but got some in the pub.











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got in about 5 mins ago. had a brilliant night all in all and the journey (all 520 miles of it) was a fun one :D managed to stop 5 times on the trot on the M1 looking for a shell garage, all but the last one were damn BP's :vangry: :nutter:


would of really liked to of joined the london "cruise" afterwards but woulda been too much really, lee, the money for my brakes u gave me has all gone lol, all on petrol :roll:


was nice to meet some new faces (you know who u are) and nice to catch up with the regulars.


well, off to bed me thinks, night night 8)

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:roll: :roll:


Oh what a night, late December back in '53, sorry X( :D


nah, seriously, it was a flipping hilarious night and blimey would you believe who turned up, BLIMEY!!!!! :D


Nice dinner, great company, FPMSL, then a great drive round London, got 40 odd pics in the end!!!!!



dark sky on the M25





Tower of London









Big Wheel :D



Its Big Ben



and again

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Mine :devil:







Random face :pancake:



Limehouse tunnel



THE roundabout!!!! watch out, here comes Toby :eek: :D :D



Eh??!!! How many traffic lights?? :D



In Mc D's car park where we all gathered to do goodbye's n re group after being watched in the Canary Wharf tunnel n security being called then getting out n U-turning it in some Hotel flipping lobby!!!!!! X( :D :D


All in all :thumb: :thumb:


To JonC and Ralph who sorted routes out through London and Marc who found a few of us at a T-junction with a 50/50 chance of getting it right.......we'd gone wrong!!

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Just got in, got lost gettin outta london, mainly caus we were looking for somewhere to Pee down side streets. Eventually found some cubicle type thing u gotta pay 2 get in so put some money in and this girl popped out and said the toilet was taken (possibly a ho or summit) so ended up pissin in a park.


Was doing 90-100 on way home down m4 when i saw a cop car so slowed down to 80 and went past him, 5mins later his sirens were on and pulled over onto hard shoulder.


First thing was that i had my foglights on, and he asked me why so i told him i could see the motorway better and thought it was safer than having full beam on, but he said i blinded him as i went past.


Then he pointed at my plates and i said "i know its peeling off, im gonna send it back as soon as i get a chance :roll:" but he said they look very nice but the font is too small, and pointed me towards his "legal" plates. He asked me where i been so i just said london, was fcuking freezing, gave him insurance and driving license cards, then some1 bolted past on otherside of the motorway so he started saying how reckless it was that the guy musta been doing 140 and it was near freezing.


He said he would give me a piece of paper but couldnt b bothered at this time of night so sent me on my way. SO stayed ahead of him at 80 and then he came bolting down past at about 120!!!!!!!! and pulled into the services :curse:




Was a great cruise around town, cheers to ralph for escorting me to the convoy, arrives at the dutch house just as he was leaving. Got in london about 7.15 but then spend hrs lost as usual. (I blame crap navigator as a mate) he blames the AA map, last time he blamed the RAC map and he also blamed London A-Z pffft. He aint navigating again.

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got to say what an eventful night,pub was bit dissheartening as people were split up for most of the night but still a good laugh.the london cruise was totally awesome,still surprised how we all made it to mcds together.glad i could navigate round london after getting split up at parliment square,was keeping in contact with ala in the c2 til park lane so i had my mini convoy of a focus i still dont know who it was and escort matty,made it to park lane then got seperated after lee went wrong way so i lead a mini convoy once more lol.managed to get to tower bridge looking for ralph andh e turned up next to me lol.funniest moment was going round the underground roundabout with toby losing it and chappers sliding the back end out at every occasion,chappers your mental lol :P


great turn out in general cant wait for the next evo meet :thumb:


ps well done to kirsty for organsiing such a big turnout sorry to hear news but out of something bad will always come something good you'll see

and another well done to all evo memebers managing to stay together most of the time through london,had a fair few people turning to look as we all blasted past :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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