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MTV UK has today confirmed that industry-renowned Carisma Automotive Design has been confirmed as the modifications garage for the forthcoming series ‘Pimp My Ride UK’.


MTV UK is now filming an entirely British version of the show, to be broadcast this summer. Filming starts in late February and will take four months, with six cars being ‘pimped’ for the series. All of the cars will be transformed at Colchester’s Carisma Automotive Design, with the hugely respected and multi award winning Jamie Shaw leading a team of 6 mechanics on each vehicle. Carisma’s Karen Lauenborg (a.k.a Pinky) will also contribute designs and accessories.


Cant wait, as long as they dont go sticking crappy coffee makers and bowling ball racks in the cars, it should be pretty good :thumb:

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Carisma is based in my home town, and i remember when Jamies mate Pacey was driving the Porsche round before the photo shoot months ago and we just all followed him :roll:


MTV were apparently at the warehouse the other week planning the lighting etc and so on


Iv heard that they will be doing proper British cars, like morris minors and old old mini's etc


Apparently there is the British version of Xzibit presenting it, a rapper into cars...my guess would be Dizzee Rascal or someone from Blazin Squad like that Kenzie bloke

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