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stunnin but doesnae suit those rims, dinnae worry I know they're just a temp measure :thumb:



tell me about it Ric :( got some plans, wheel wise, if i get paid off from the council re: my wheel buckling incident :) if not, they'll have to stay that little bit longer :(

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looks spot on rob

as lee said i prefer it with alloys, simply because they look better imo, always liked those alloys.


couple of questions

1 what does it say at the bottom of your number plate

2 have you heard owt from the council, cos me mate did the same thing as you about 2 years ago in his 206. He went over a bump and knackered his alloy and the council never got back to him no matter how many times he chased them about it


oh yeah, possibly lose the orange

other than that its stunning :drool: :drool: :drool: :thumb:

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