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Sick ZVH


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Kev, I think it wants to go back to mansfield pmsl!!


Yep, its poorly again and this time its sorta serious as I believe theres no fuel getting from the filter to the injectors, wont no 100% until i can take an injector out and try it. so nows the battery is on charge as it started to go flat after all the attemptes to start it.






a piccie of the bent RS7 ;(




not that obvious but enough to buckle it

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rob, can u here fuel running in the return valve when the ignition is on? :)


i can hear something running but not sure if its the fuel or not. gonna leave it now until tomorro then i can take an injector out and check to see if there is actually any fuel to them or not

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Sh*t i bet you're annoyed. Youd just got it sorted from before----how long did it go before this current problem then?? Not a turbo, but my mates 206 gti did something very similar and it was a fuel blockage. He flushed the system completely and it was fine. But then again, youve checked before the filter aint ya....... ?( ?(


Hope it gets better soon!!


No probs with mine anyway!! (yet) ;(


Thats the thing with 15 year old cars ;(

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latest development*****


the problem is not mechanical as me and my dad have check the pump and it works ok. we also found out theres no power through the wires to the pump so we're swapping the fuel injection relay over and if it works then fine, all i need to do is buy another relay as the one i'm swapping to, i'm borrowing (£55 new from Ford btw :jaw: )


if thats not the case, into the workshop it goes to get checked over as then me and dad cant do any more.


lets hope its the relay


*fingers crossed everyone :D *

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