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Free BT headsets

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Whos had theirs??? i ordered mine, and on the bottom of the recpt it has it will be delievered 2 workings days after ordering, that was nearly a week ago, i do hope BT dont try and worm their way out of it like kodak did with that £399 camera they stuck on the site for £100 by mistake and cost the millions in courts + loss of earnings
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i got this email from them

The following items in your order have been cancelled:


·  Budget Headset (1) Price £5 inc. VAT each - Cancelled


This was either because you asked us to cancel these items, or because we have had a problem

processing your order. Your card has not been charged for cancelled items.



If you would like to continue with ordering these items please contact us on Freephone 0800

3289654 so that we may confirm your requirements, delivery and payment details.


We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Your card has not been charged for cancelled items.




I ordered 2 headsets using same name/credit card one to e sent to my house and the other to be sent to my cousins house as he needs one


now i only got 1 email from BT so im assuming 1 headset will arrive

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Just checked my email & found this:

Date of dispatch (Tax Point): 28-02-2005

.  Budget Headset (1) Price £5 inc. VAT each - Despatched


Track the delivery of your order on our couriers web site http://www.anc.co.uk/site/pod/podtracking....ent=43495633381


Checking the courier info gets me:

Proof of Delivery Information


No Tracking data has been found.


Please go back to the search screen and amend your details.


Help for the Proof of Delivery Information system may be found by clicking here.


Some git has nicked it in transit :curse: :censored: :curse:

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Dear Mr Arney,


Thank you for your e-mail dated 7/3/05 about Re: Your BT Shop Order 176593.


In response to your enquiry I can inform you that all Headset orders have been cancelled due to fraudulent claims for this free Headset offer.


The Budget Headset promotion is only valid for registered BT Communicator customers. If you have registered for the BT Communicator in the past few months, please contact the BT Yahoo Communicator Technical helpdesk and they will provide you with a new voucher code to receive the free headset upon confirmation that you are eligible for this offer.


Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.


Thank you for contacting BT.


Yours sincerely,


Stuart Hetherington

BT Customer Contact Centre


Aw.... knicekrs :(

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