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The sleek and sporty V6-powered ST24 will spearhead a revamped Ford Mondeo line-up for the new millennium.The ST24 , powered by a smooth and refined 2.5 litre V6, will become the new European flagship for Ford .This exciting sedan will be complemented by a new range of four-cylinder Mondeos, which feature a revised Zetec 2 litre engine, improved automatic performance and a host of interior enhancements designed to build on Mondeo's reputation for comfort, style and spaciousness.Ford President Geoff Polites said says the new Mondeo range offered offers exhilarating driving dynamics."Mondeo has always been a car with excellent driving dynamics. The addition of the V6 ST24 means that we can now offer the Australian market a package with the best in responsiveness, handling and sheer driving enjoyment from this highly regarded European."Buyers in this segment are looking for a car that offers not only character, but genuineonly genuine European craftsmanship and style, but real value and practicality."Mondeo delivers on all these fronts. It is well equipped, competitively priced and offers a balanced ride and handling package with European flair," he said. "It also offers an excellent package in terms of both driver and passenger safety."Stephen Kruk, Mondeo Brand Manager said the new range was well placed to make an impact in the sophisticated medium car market segment."Our research shows that people who are looking to buy in this segment are experienced car owners and know what they want. In fact, 67 per cent are replacing a vehicle they bought new."They aren't willing to sacrifice substance for style, but they want something distinctive that reflects their identity," he said.He said Ford aimed to re-establish the Mondeo as a serious contender in the medium car class."We will be aggressively marketing the car and working closely with our dealers to grow Mondeo's market share," he said.Ford aims to sell about 1800 Mondeos each year, which equates to about 4 per cent of the medium car market. It is expected that the ST24 will make up about 15 per cent of those sales."We have been fine-tuning the present two-litre Mondeo range since its launch in late 1996."The engine and transmission have been upgraded to improve launch feel and reduce noise, vibration and harshness, while we have also enhanced the interior design," he said.Mondeo ST24The ST24 is the flagship of the Mondeo range. The sedan features V6 power, sports suspension and a distinctive bodykit that includes a rear spoiler, sideskirts, mesh grille and distinctive front and rear bumper styling. Stylish 16-inch alloy wheels complete the exterior package.Interior features include contoured sports seats with leather bolsters and metallic-style inserts on the doors and instrument panel bezels, as well as a leather gear knob.The ST24 comes with standard manual transmission and features ABS, traction control and driver, passenger and side airbags. Larger front discs are fitted to cope with the extra performance of the V6 engine.Light and Strong V6At the heart of the ST24 is Ford's smooth and willing Duratec 2.5 litre, quad cam, 24-valve all-alloy V6, which produces 125kW @ 6250 rpm and 220Nm of torque at 4250 rpm.It is the perfect complement to the Mondeo's acclaimed ride and handling package.The ST24 powerplant was a truly global effort designed to set new standards in durability, reliability, emission levels and operating costs.Ford powertrain engineers in Merkenich and Dunton worked closely with powertrain operations in Dearborn to ensure that the engine met aggressive weight, durability and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) targets. The engine is manufactured at the Cleveland engine plant in the USA.LightweightThe all-alloy V6 is one of the world's smallest and lightest V6 engines. The 24-valve engine was the first production volume powerplant to have been made using the patented Cosworth casting process developed for Formula One racing. It was also one of the first engines to feature lightweight fabricated camshafts.The Cosworth casting process provides greater accuracy in casting, allowing a reduction in the thickness and weight of cast walls without sacrificing strength.DurableTo extend the service life of the engine, extensive work was done on reducing friction and wear throughout the engine.The design involved substantial use ofall-alloy engine uses aluminium castings for the engine block and head, an advanced engine management system, combined with low-friction components, hydraulic lash adjusters, patented chain tensioners and extended-life spark plugs.The architecture of the engine provides ample space in the cylinder linings for optimum water cooling and heat distribution during high speed driving on European autobahns.More than 2 million kilometres of accelerated durability testing in vehicles have confirmed the vehicle's durability and reliability.EfficiencyThe Duratec's four-valve-per-cylinder, variable-length induction system allows the engine to breathe efficiently at high speed, while still providing strong torque, good fuel economy and low emission levels at low speeds.At engine speeds below 3200rpm the port throttles in the shorter intake pipes remain closed to maximise low-end torque. At 3200 rpm the port throttles open to allow the engine to breathe more freely. The system means that more than 170Nm of torque is available throughout the driving range (from idle to red line).The engine has a broad torque band, with 90% of its peak 220Nm delivered between 2000rpm and 5800rpm.Noise Vibration and HarshnessFord conducted extensive acoustic and vibrational analysis to pinpoint and tackle major sources of NVH. Advanced finite element computer modelling ensured that the structure of the cylinder block and head assembly optimised NVH performance.The crankcase was identified as a major source of engine noise. and As a result, engineers developed a rigid reinforcing brace for the lower crankcase chamber to reduce NVH and at the same time reduce the potential for oil leaks. The structure was further reinforced by a ribbed aluminium structural oil pan.Ford again drew on its racing expertise in the development of the crankshaft, using a forged steel shaft to increase strength while reducing the potential for vibration and fatigue.The use of a stiff block aluminium alloy casting heavily reinforced by internal webs and external ribs also dampens NVH.The four overhead camshafts are driven by 'silent' long-life inverted-tooth chains fitted with automatic hydraulic tensioners.Special attention was paid to the front end accessory drives, which are another main potential source of noise. A single serpentine poly-vee belt was used for the accessory drives. Items such as the alternator and power steering pump were directly mounted to the engine block to further reduce potential any noise and or vibration.The camshaft design also helps to reduce NVH. The tubular, fabricated camshafts produce significantly less inertia and are fitted with dampers, while low-friction rollers operate the valves.The V6 engine is mated to a slick Ford MTX75 five-speed manual transmission.


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