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Updated Pics of the Mondeo


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Thought a little updated pics on my mondeo.


notihg changed just cleaned well yesterday.


Here my car:















Gems Mums New car, 56 reg 1.25 mk6 facelife fiesta zetec, nice car!!









And then some more of the front of the house!!






I can get 5 cars on that tarmac and grass area,







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nothing m8y, had my fun with my old 1.8 lx and then my rs2000.


only a few minor details sorted on this.


replaced normal S on "zetec s" with the S from the fiesta.

Black eyes, with headlight protectors

nokia bluetooth phone kit,

add a rear interior light as its dark in the back.

ipod/portable dvd interface to standard radio

infinity 17cm speakers up front

and a k&n panel filter with drilled box.

and number plates


about it.


it isnt that big when driving it!

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They look nice Matt :thumb:


Although I think you need to cut your grass :P :D



lol tell me about it, onlt did it last week, the ground is always wet so just grows, plus it full of weeds, going to be graveled soon any way, better standing area for cars :thumb:

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yeah think so lee, no one else mow's and keeps it tidy so i guess so,


i no you'll be up soon m8y


looks nice and clean but think you need to tramac the whole front


this is a long term rent, but i dont think we'd like that, looking at gravelling the area were the fiesta is and then tidying it up a bit more, we have more or less sorted the back garden so the front is next. :thumb: :thumb:


and arron, they are just updated pics from last time i posted some, :thumb: :thumb:

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