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rev limiter


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it does have one. at about 6400rpm.


was the car in gear? or neutral?


drive in first or second and you will feel it.



oh and you dont need to drive to the rev limiter. you can, but it will be faster to change up between 5000-5500rpm.



the car was in neutral


i dont make a habit of revving this high, its just i heard my mate do it in his golf and it kind of bounced, sounded pretty good,

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best to try it out whilst in gear, you will see the effect clearly then :thumb:


Love that comment! as if its something that should be encouraged...screetching along the road in first gear with the engine bouncing off the limiter!

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wake up, hes obviously not saying do it every day!




i bloody well am saying do it everyday. and from cold. fcukin nail that biatch zetec



fook the red line, i wanna see the smoke line. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:


Devs right :thumb:


lmao just come bak from town and tryed hitting the rev limiter (1.6) FOUND IT LOL good noise :P:p:p

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