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Project Ferrari


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I think this is about the time I said I was going to finish the car, and guess what, its still not done :nutter:


A lot closer mind, most of the body is now red and is being refitted, I have fitted some HID popup headlights, got all the indicators, side lights and side repeaters wired in up front. I've sorted out some coilovers (although not fitted them yet), still need to polish up the paint work as its not that shiney at the moment. Getting ever closer to returning to the road though.







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Cheers guys, the engine bay will be sprayed in mat black, as bits of it can be seen through the vents in the engine cover, so black is better than red.


As for cost, I think I've ploughed about £14K into it so far, haven't added it up lately, the problem with such a project is to get it looking good you need to use genuine ferrari parts which aren't cheap, and then for things like the wheels you have to have custom hubs built to convert the toyota hubs to fit the ferrari wheels (and space them out as the car is a couple of foot wider).


The car is currently running at 235BHP, I am aiming to bring this up to 300BHP when its on the road, not exactly planned how yet but I'm told its not a major job. I'm not sure what the car will weigh when its done, I've replaced most of the metal panels with lighter fibreglass, but I expect it will work out around the same weight as before, if so I should be able to get a 0-60 time of around 5 seconds, the F355 is 4.7 seconds so pretty close, the top speed is unreachable as I will run out of gears at 155MPH, but I very much doubt I will go that fast!


Its not quite been 4 years, I just renewed the 4th years insurance so it has been exactly 3 years now. As for progress, the overall shape hasn't changed since this time last year, but it has taken a lot of work getting the body smooth enough to paint and also build up the edges to get even panel gaps and good panel ends and joins


1 year ago




The engine should be ok as I have been driving it around reguarly to keep it all free and moving.

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Even I remember this from a couple of years back. Looking a lot better then when I last saw it. Seen one finished before and they do look awesome.




Is it / was it a MR2 ?


That kit looks spot on, and you have progressed quite far since i last saw the pics.


top job, :jaw:

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