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What alloys are on this car?


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gimmie first refusal on your ST's if you get a new set of rims andy


i would mate but i would use the ST ones as winter wheels i think... not sure yet :thumb:


NOOOOOOOO, Firstly you dont use the best Ford wheels ever created for Winter wheels. 2, the biggest pain in the ass is cleaning the bloody things, so not so good to be using in dirty winter months. Sell em to me, i'll give you a set of steelies in return for free for the winter. :cheers:

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they do the dark grey 1's there called the oz super turismo's

Different wheel.


The superleggeras are a great wheel, very light but well made.


There is an update out, given the very original name of the "Ultraleggera". The lines look a little cleaner still, so these are the ones to go for imo :thumb:

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