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Few people needed via PM :)


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Ok, i'm after information viaPM only


I need....

# Somebody in the medical world (PREF a dr/nurse....or could ask naughty questions to either)


# A bent copper (not of the penis variety :)) or i'll settle for a cop that could do a couple 'checks' on a few systems :)



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Actually..... it couldn't get to hear....


Needing to know the stuff you put on a towel, cover the face of a 'victim' to knock them out for a while...need to know how much to use and how long it lasts and and how long to hold over the face.


As for the copper, i need a PNC check, aswell as a person & insurance IF possible to find where he's hiding.


and whats best? handcuffs or cable ties :vangry:

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