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My brothers Escort GTi


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He had this in 2000 for about 7 weeks before totalling it in April of that year. Insurance wasn't impressed!


(Another pic of a pic, saw this one when I dug out one of the old Fez!)





He was probably going far too fast, went round a right hander in the wet, losing the back end, in doing that the car speared straight off to the side, hitting a wall on passengers wing which launched it into several barrel rolls before it ended upside down in a burn. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and luckily for him my brother and cousin were following him and managed to pull him out of it. The roof has been bent up in the forklift recovering it, it was to start with crushed in.

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He had this in 2000 for about 7 weeks before totalling it in April of that year. Insurance wasn't impressed!



I had my last escort 1.6 finesse for 5 days!!!

some T*at came over a blind corner summit on a B road very fast and took it wide forcing me to swerve.



Clipped verge and huge pot hole,

which then made me face oncoming lane just avoided white van,

Straightend up facing correct way was well chuffed with the recovery



unfortunately at this point a granada hit me head on. which spun me into embankment


had swerved on uphill section then crashed on down hill section.

after airbag was pushed away had a look at what wasnt left of the front end


then rushed back up the hill when i realised there was a string of traffic following me that may not have time to stop when it got over the hill.


Thing is the car never stopped, prob didnt see it in rear view mirror. Green merc k reg but no one got the number. ;( = my fault.


Insurance company tried to screw me on the payout....

ended up getting a written valuation from the garage i bought it from to sort the payment out


then bought an identical one with a discount from the same salesman, and lower mileage :roll:



sorry dont mean to highjack thread.

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