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Yorks Air Ambulance Donation following Richard Hammonds Crash

Cabrio Zo

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Taken from another site, what a nice thought:-


Pistonheads have set up a page in support of the Yorkshire air ambulance crews (which are all run/supported by donations) if anyone wants to make a donation.


It's already reached £360 in little over an hour, which was the original target, so we're now trying to reach £3600 (which is what it costs, per day, to run the air ambulance service). So if you can email this to as many people as you can, we might be able to reach it!





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i think donating towards something which saves peoples lives is very much worth it and definitely not daft.


indeed so, but would you have gone home and done it if its wasnt for Hammond and this thread? ;) doubt it VERY much ;)


for the record, i've donanted to my local air ambulance more than once :cheers:

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i too agree with lee.

its good to donate to such causes as it helps give them the funds they need, but i wont donate just beacuse it has been used for someone famous, theyre doing the work every day to save people you wont even here about. Famous or not i dont think it should make a difference. Dont forget about your local ones too, id be more temprted to donate to keep a local one going, as one day it may save a friend or familly.

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