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Cars gone home for a few days


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Me old man knows the Service manager so hopefully they'll look after it. I hear what your saying though Lee, only thing is all the other garages round my way are dodgy little places with mechanics that couldnt care less about their customers cars, I've seen the way they drive em 8o
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Big money for Shite work ;(  ;(  ;(

I take it you aint a fan of your local ford dealer??

I got mates who work in Ford dealers........lets just say I know how they service them (it's not un-common just to wipe the oil filter clean so it looks new) and I know how they 'test drive' them 8o ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(



It's also widely know, that if a car with an performance panel filter goes in, it comes out with a new standard one.......and the customer can't say a thing, as an air filter change is part of the service......and they just say they've thrown the old parts away ;) ;) :rolleyes:

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The pedals would have been a fail cos there too close together, and if they wanted to be fussy they could have failed it on the wing too as no bodywork should 'protrude' from the car which could cause injury to a person, so could have been interpreted as dangerous ;)
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