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Im thinking of getting a Focus


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Went to look at one today. I am starting to fall in love with it. Its 130bhp, 2.0l zetec. And its only in insurance group 8.


They are £8000 but my mate has just got one and I really think im gonna go for it.


Do u know of any websites where i can find more info on focus'. And have any of you got any advice about focus's that i may find useful.


Dan :]

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Actually i've just thought about this, why not spend about 3k on the Escort? Some nice wheels, a Cossie wide arch kit (maybe not the spoiler, just the bottom half), and spend the rest on a 2.0 litre Focus transplant.


Correct me if im wrong, but all Zetec's that I know of can share gearboxes with hardly any changing around, so that might be a cool option of putting more power in your car and adding style, cause I really LOVE the Mallard Green on your Escort.


Keep the mk6, go Cossie arches and front / rear and do a nice engine, and you will love the car!

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