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I have about 150ish to spend....  

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I got about 150quid to spend, and iv always fancied a snooper. but i been reading a bit on it, and it looks like it can detect most stuff, like the usual gatso's.


does ne1 know if ne of the above devices can detect them annoying transit vans with the camera's in the back which face u?


Opinions wanted plz....... going to buy off ebay btw.


Cheers :cheers:

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I have the SD715 and have found it very usefull for finding out what camera's are active and the ones that arn't(Usefull at 90mph :D ). The range is not excellent but then no radar detector has a brilliant range and it does pick up anything that operates on the same band eg. Traffic lights, auto doors, some house alarms etc but highly handy one the motorway when coming upto mr plod with his money making gun. Brill buy if you do alot of driving and cn put up with a bit of beeping :]
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