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i dont want to get to heavy as it not major thing, it just aliitle annoying thing that pissed me off, when i order my wheel in november i ask for blue centre caps, to match my car they didnt have any sent me flat ones, so I rang up and they said when they get some in they send them, any way after 2 phone calss they didnt have any then there were getting some in but never sent them after 2 weeks, so i rang up again and said there send them but never, so rung again said soz mate we for got ask for my address, said i get them that was like over 2-3 weeks ago now, it pissing me off, i cant be arsed to ring then when they put u on hold to find out wot going on. So i thought id try an e-mail mite help things ?(
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ALWAYS put that you will take it further if they dont sort it!


I usually put in my letters...


"...if you do not provide me with the goos that I have paid you for then I will have no option but to take this matter further..."


I reckon it makes them think "lawyers" :D but cos you dont specify it could mean anything, like another letter, so they cant realy get funny, if that makes sense?



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