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which exhaust and induction kit?!


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my gti needs a nice shiney stainless exhaust but which do i go for? i'm looking really at either a magnex or a mongoose system, anyone help me out, have you experience of either systems?


also i'm looking at fitting an induction kit, k and n is a obvious common choice but can anyone recomend a alternative for around the same price as the k and n?


i can see this car is gonna cost me money! and to think i swore blind when i bought it that i was gonna keep it standard :rolleyes:



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Magnex m8 cos they're a good fit, power flow stuff is ok but they just use Peco boxes so you're basically paying more money for a Peco with a different name imo. Had a Piper on my Fez and that was a good system aswell with a good rip off it. I've got a K&N but only cos I can't afford a Pipercross vector :(
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