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some drunk fanny went and punched my moms motor(i borrowed it).....was a big build guy.


His gf must have fucked him about, he was out arguing with annoying people in the carpark, and i pulled up, and he tried to start on me shouting at me and my gf saying "was it you" i gave him a dirty look and he just went to the front of the motor, done a big jump and punched the Fcuking bonnet!!!!


im telling you if that was my escort, i would be locked up in jail just now for attempted murder (keep a extended ranch under the seat) my gf had to calm me down, as i would have knocked the Fcuker down if a taxi wasn't in front of me.....


just now im soo pissed off, he punched the part of the bunnet where theres a kind of vent lining, dented it, but it looks like it was the strongest part of the bonnet.......just glad ive walked away from the fuckin thing without being locked up.

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?( ........did you report this arse hole to the police? If not why? Al. :vangry:

nah mate, no one knew his name, and what would the police do? they would probably recognise me from my escort and give me a 7 day ticket for the most stupidest thing......police would have done jackshit in that situation. :/


I had just left my mates at that point, the guys a bit lucky that all of us didn't deside to go for a pizza....

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