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Ruined RS2000


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Q: hi i see this car around meedway look at it when i see it ,,i like to look at fast car,,when i can come see ,,meeting you owner,,it goes very fast and smoothly in north daneaway i like to drive for testing with buying money in pocket 1200 cash ready money,,,,,i am albania man with good money job..look to get message return on my ebay on sunday,,i live luton road,,,chatham ,,,deliver you to me possible if can,i like fast escooot 2 tousand rs ...thnk yu,,,hergat munammy,,,my name,,


looks like he has some genuine interest lol

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"his car is rust free and in my opinion a fine example."









"there is no postal with this dont think i will find jiffy bag big enough lol."







Not exactly difficult... :thumb:

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