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Cossie Pics + Imprezas


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Feels like summer is coming thought it was time to get these oldies out of hibernation and give them a wash





Wheel change not sure what to make of them but think there growing on me and defo better than mondy alloys





Once you wash one you just gotta keep washing lol






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Too many cars is the phrase i think...how do u insure and tax all of them! Love the cossies and the imprezas look nice but im not a fan of the classics before the MY99 sort of age..What are the early ones like to live with?


Like the earlier ones better than later ones tbh had them all up to the latest model but prefer earlier ones however i do like the model Simonez has my brother had one like that .They only need taxed once a year lol insurance not a problem in the trade even better now iam 26


Never bother with flaps there always caked and end up been caked straight away again if i do wash them lol


3dr is lovely, saph looks miles better on the oz wheels, mondy ones look pants on it. out of the scoobs id have the blue one :thumb:


Everyone has been telling me loose the mondy wheels since i bought it but i just like to drive lol

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i prefer the mondies on the saph..i think the OZs spokes are too thin to suit..


Which year of classic impreza do u think is best to own then JD? I want a classic but if i am to stick to MY99s and later ill need a lot more money than if i were to opt for an MY95.. Would a highish mileage MY95 be reliable if it had been looked after?

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