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new project to get ready for the summer


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hello all if u get bored easy then u best stop reading.


let me start the storey for a few weeks i was hearing of sombody selling a cheap mk5 escort cabby in yellow that failed mot on the windscreen and emissions.it had been parked up for about 2years but it has got a new roof.theres no rot on there at all.needs a bloody good polish and the inside putting back together.so i finally get my ass into gear and pop down to see him last night.bearing in mind the last time the car was started was 4months ago...quick jump off my 3i and it burst into life.run sweet as a nut.its the 1.8 16v si model.ive always loved my cabbys so i thought time to let the xr3i go as it runs out of mot and tax the end of the month and the gear box is about to give and so is the exhaust and i really dont want to put more money into it id rather start a new project.so as from 3oclock i will have a gorgus yellow cabby sat in my garage.all i plan on doing with it is get the seats re-trimmed in leather get a nice sutible exhaust.rear disc's off a focus set of coilovers or 60mm lowering kit give it a good old service mot it tax it drive it.might also get the wheels re-furbed in black its currently got a set of 17inch wolfrace voodoo's on excuse the boring storey.will update this as much as i can :):) pics will be on today :):)

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just a slight update finally got the car back after the jump leads we first used were fucked.managed to get the fcuker home the cat is shagged no back seats or passanger seat or carpet fcuk no's where they've gone the front windows dont go up or down but the back ones do.no handbrake light when u flash the lights they stay on full beam u gotta flick them to turn off when the lights are off by the way looks like its gonna be a money thrower again lol.

pics will be up 2mro morning when ive cleaned and polished it will get a couple of before shots aswell

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only a couple ive got some more to upload as ive polished most of the car now.









bearing in mind they where taken on my fone lol

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had another go on the polishing lark got some interiour just need some carpet now.








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