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Red alert 3


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Still can't beat C&C red alert 2 yuri revenge on PC! :P


The man speaks truth.... I miss my 48 hour endurance RA2 games ;)


I second that. Was last of the real "great" C&C games. Nothing since has come close.


I have also yet to see a RTS convert over to console particularly well. However, with PS3 having mouse and keyboard support it may be an opportunity for PS3 to be good at something.

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I just bought it from fleabay for just below what play.com and shopto.net are selling it for. awesome. Hope its here for saturday. mate has just taken delivery of his so we can do coop campaign mode.


Generals ZH and Tiberium wars are great games (i played tiberium wars for a bit last night)

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got RA3 "Tiberium wars" on both PC and XBOX360.....crackin game


would recommend RA3 "Kanes Wrath" too if its available for the PS3 that is, have it on the XBOX360 and its as good or even a nats cock width better than Tiberium wars

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I think Red Alert 3 is quite poor.


Its just like RA2 with a few more units and some stuff from the original and the graphics havnt really been improved. EA spent most of the money hiring all the big hollywood names for the cut scenes.


C&C Generals and tiberium sun all the way :)


You mean her from Hollyoaks.


I think the game is a complete rip, not worth my dollar.


Bring out Generals 2 and Tiberium wars on PS3.

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Bought this game now after trying out the demo and it is actually really good, very similar to RA2 (which was great) and the control system works well (after some getting used to) and it is difficult in places.


Highly recommended if you have a PS3 , love RTS games and don't have a high spec PC to run that version.


And i know what i said above but i liked the prequels so much that i had to see what they had done to the game and in what direction they took the story.

(which is hypocritical, i don't think they thought about the timetravel that occured in the other games)

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