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My Work Horse


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Just after Christmas, i decided to take my mini off the road and restore her, so needed a run about. By chance someone i know was getting a new car and was just gonna px their S plate 1.6 lx escort that they've had since new so i said ill take it off ya hands for a few hundred quid, anyhow, it needed couple of lower arms and new exhaust so he gave it me. After running on 5 spoke wheel trims for about 5 weeks i found these little beautys for a bargain on flea bay. Ill be lowering her and repainting her in the next few weeks along with repainting the alloys too.

How she looked on the trims :pancake:


Without trims


As of last night: 17inch Momo Arrows, with New Pirelli PZero 225/35 tyres on



Not bad for a motor thats cost me:

Exhaust system £35

Lower Arms £30

Wheels & Tyres £105 ( :drunk: )

Paint coming soon free lol

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225's, not going to lower it then :pancake:


bargain though.


Err yeah, will be lowered 40mm when i can be bothered, 225 dont mean Shite, everyone said i wouldnt be able to fit 18's on a lowered escort without arch rolling 5 years ago....and i did!! :innocent:


Ian, paint was kept lovely for ages as i knew him from when i was like 13, but past few years he got bored and just ran it to work and to take dog in! Couldnt believe i got them so cheap, made sure if fetched them next day so he didint change his mind lmao. Car will be going NJ61 Radiant red :cheers:

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