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1.6 escort with 150bhp!


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hehe put another air freshener in it will be 160hp :P im goin to ask him how he got the 150hp lol


just got a reply and he said this;

Dear lightning1988_123,


new ecu and remap perfomance cams new performance headders hks cold air intake iduction kit and performance gear box it started at 110 when i got it so ive only gained 40 bhp

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I SWEAR The 1.6 has 90bhp from standard... Im gonna look it up..


parkers says:


1.6i Encore 3d Auto, 13.7 s, 108 mph, 88 bhp


Considering thats off the production, and it WILL have dropped, how was it 110 when he got it?! Its either a 1.8 and he's a nobber, or he's got it wrong completely and he's a nobber :P

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