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Welcome to EVO! :cheers: I think you should take some pictures of your car and post them up in the "Show us your motor" section, this way you'll get a lot more response about possible mods and general comments on your car :)


As for "Are they any good", your on an escort owners club site lol ... yer theyre good but be prepared to get your hands dirty every once in a while and don't cut corners ... ownership of a good tool kit is reccommended hehe!


Have Fun!

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welcome to evo


escorts are great, so that was a daft question in a escort owners club? lol


depends what kind of styling your into to be honest,


you can get all kind of tastefull things, fogged bumpers, splitters, half leather seats etc


take a look through the show us your motor section to get a good idea :)

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Welcome to Evo :thumb:


there are many sections on this site to support your needs, if you want to know anything about the car, such as mechanical problems etc.. check the cosmetics section, if you want styling Ideas check show us your motor, or if you want general chit chat, then post in the main message board. :cheers:


hope you enjoy your stay.

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys


wat i ment by " are they any good?" is are the 1.6 mexico's any good?


and i was thinkin for mods.. some gti skirts n rear splitters. n thats bout it i think n lower it.

its only a run about for a few months but if i dicide to keep it i was thinkin cossie style ??


my mate has a mk6 1.8, full cossie look alike exhaust the lot.. some custom rims n a custom spray job.. in like a goldie purple colour..

won prizes for best paint.. he bought it like that, old owner maybe on this ??


as for ready to get my hands dirty i hope not much on the mechanicle side, not so bad on the body side cuz im a sprayer lol


Do you all meet up and go places or go to meets ??

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