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would peugeot 306 16s fit my escort??


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imo they look a bit Shite... 2f2f had them on his escort back in the 60s the tyres are pants as well - never heard of acceiera


that one at the back is kerbed to buggery... just give up and come buy mine :P only kidding as i know your not looking to spend that much but seriously cheap usually isn't cheerful

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Correct fella, I had them on Mine, they looked Shite, but cost me a bomb so didnt change... not that it matters now anyway :rolleyes:


Dont bother Lee, you can get much nicer ones than that, like TSW's or something similar.


AEZ are pants IMO.


on the 206


on the escort



Just noticed its an old topic, you have ford alloys now. :nutter:

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