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My 1st Progress Thread - New Domed Gel 3D Reg plates


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Finally, after having past my test 6 month ago, I have my 1st car! :D A Ford Escort 1.4 in Autumn Green :cheers:


Here is how it I bought it, will update as things go, nothing major is going to happen but i've already bought some skirts & spats and i'm after some decent gtri/modeo/soft spoke alloys and then I said that would be it...but i'm already getting idea's.


The beast, and my brothers car...





Pics are a tad big so i've removed the tags

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So far the plans are to get the spats and skirts sprayed that i've bought and buy some new wheels, then i think i'm going to get some 5x7's as there is already 5x7 slots in the parcel shelf.


Just waxed the car today with the beemer so will get some pics up later when aaron puts them on :)


Also to clean the inside!

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how tight were the people that bought Encores???? jesus christ!!

it doesn't have rear speakers....OR the wiring tucked away anywhere behind the carpet/plastic - unreal lol


once more - forgive my Shite Shite phone - for somereason the camera has died.

ok - name to the username :-)







I've also fitted a ipod ready Sony GT44IP - lovely headunit indeed - rather jealous of him (dispite me buying him it lol)

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yeah me and Liam are brothers 6years between us.


He's not getting to bad MPG out of it TBH - plus... He's just paid £1700 insurance on a 1.4.......1.6 was 2400. lol. then you got to think about next year....he had the cash from his 18th to pay for it all...next year he wont when renewal is around....

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