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Escort 1.6 16v Zetec


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Here a pic of my car, had it since september. Just took it for a drive today so took a snap as i havent got any pics of it.


Plans: Gti side skirts and spats , Lowerd 40-50mm , Tints , Some dished rims, half tint rears , bad by bonnet, 2.0l mondeo lump.


But before all them i will be conentrating on some arch rust and getting everything nice and tidy.


Will update with progress.




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You may! lol.


Will i was thinking about it, I might just go for eyebrow entension. Yeh i need one every escort in milton keynes doesnt have one. If anyone has one PM me. Silver would be better.



i have one, but not in silver £5, £6 posted :)

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