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ANOTHER 16" mondy rim Q


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http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=390040064610 <<<< required yes?!......


ford parts guy at my local stealer said they only make one type of nut for mondeo/escort. i was sure but didn't want to argue as he was stood there with a computer and actually works at ford.... so the element of doubt was there.....

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Forgive me if i'm wrong - but dont i needlonger studded nuts to put alloys on a car that originally had steelies on??????


Mondeos onto an escort.... JUST incase you pedantic ones out there get clever lol


as said its just different nut to fit the chamfer on the alloys. AFAIK

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Well here is the nuts I have on at the minute, i dunno how to explain so i just went outside to get pics, the guy who i bought the mondy's off only gave me 4 nuts and a key:






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yh you need the alloy nuts as they taper in at the bottom...my mate used std steel wheel nuts on his 17s and lost one wheel on a dual carrigeway..you can use the nuts you have..but it isnt recommended :thumb:

these are what ive got..


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So can I have them on tonight or not!? lol



TBH Liam I would'nt feel safe driving on alloys with steelie nuts, I've seen them come in at work like that and it's an accident waiting to happen TBH mate! Get yourself to the scrappy armed with a wheel brace and deep pockets ;)

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yes if you really want to, but make sure u get propper nuts tomoz, and do them tight...



1. It's illegal

2. It's dangerous as fcuk!

3. If one of the wheels fall off you could hurt yourself or kill an innocent pedestrian!!!!!


Is it REALLY worth it for having your wheels on a day early?

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