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Ford Racing Puma - 270


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Ford Racing Puma, build number 270 :)



Been a big fan of these for quite sometime but price wise they were always out of my reach. When i first saw them they were going for around 10K, i kept an eye on them and slowly prices started fall. As soon as prices started to appear in the £4-5K bracket i knew it would'nt be long before i would have one and 270 is a beauty. Been looking around since christmas and have viewed seven cars all over the country. For the money i was about to pay it had to be the right car. None of the cars i viewed met the criteria i was looking for until this one. I'd nearly given up altogether and had started looking at getting a mint RS2K 4x4, saph cossie or S1. Then this came up on Pistonheads, as soon as i saw it i emailed the guy, luckily for me i was the first person to contact him, really was a case of first come served. I have been very, very lucky getting one this good for the price i paid. Its had 2 owners from new, 34,000 miles, full ford/pumabuild service history, all original sales brochures, MOTs etc. Also included in the sale was a spare set of wheels (going to spray these black), 2 sets of front discs and pads, 2 sets of rear discs and pads, spare alcantara trim, loads of spare interior bits and more. The guy who i bought it off had owned it for last 7 years, kept it covered up in his garage and only used it as a sunday car.

Not had a proper chance to drive it yet but the drive home from wales on Tuesday night will live with me forever, a truely amazing car :D


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