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RS Central Day

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I wont put much, other thank thanks to everyone for coming, it was good to see some people for the first time this year.


Im just going to post this picture and look forward to some of your comments...



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Lee in his favourite position


Good weekend as expected, with the normal crew camping over - and a couple of new faces also


The show was quieter than I thought, but was still a good day with the members that make it all worthwhile


The weather held off from the rain - a little windy, but then again it is April


Thanks again to Trig for the organisation, and I hope to see some of you at the next show soon

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I really enjoyed today, especially the rocket car which was f***ing loud!

Thanks to Trig as well for organising it.


The morning meet (needs a few comments inserted into the first one :thumb: )




Few Piccies



















This could be the British version of the A-Team van maybe....



Few vids




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What an excellent first show with EVO that was for me!! :D


I have loads of pics ill upload them as soon as i can!


Weather was rather cold and horrible first thing, but I tried to tell everyone that the small part of blue sky will get bigger.....told them to use imaginations...but welll....yer they didn't at the time! As the day went on the clouds broke up, out come the blue skys and the sun! It was still rather windy tho...and it was a cold wind!!

I even caught the sun and didn't realise it!! :roll:


After I helped Trig put his evo stickers on his car.....rather tedious as the stickers wouldn't stick! It was time for a wander round so off we went, charley, mutley, knightrider and me! (the pics will show this bit!!) :P


Watched a fair bit of the 1/4 mile runs, and the drifting, which was cool...watching a sierra trying to drift....a skyline that once had a front bumper......and an old lexus having a blow out!! :roll:


The best part of the day was the long awaited Santa Pod Jet car!! WOW!!!!! thats all i can say lol! Ive seen video's of this before and always wanted to see it for myself and can not believe just how loud it was! Definately worth going to see!! :P


After a bit more wandering it was time to meet back up with the others back at the stand for a quick chit chat, before making the journey back to Essex!!


All in all a brilliant day! I loved every minute of it, even the gettin up at 5am after about 3 hours sleep!! haha :pancake:


It was great to finally meet the people I have seen posting on the forum, and talking/texting! I can now put names to faces!! :D


Here's to more enjoyable shows throughout 2009!! :cheers:


A BIG thank you to Charley and Mutley for bringing me to this one too!! :D



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I had a really good day, sorry i wasnt about the stand much, i was to busy wandering about and turning into a lobster whilst watching the strip action....My face is bright red lol :( Was good to have a little chat to those i did though....


Last man standing again eh Trig? I dont know whats come over me mate. How was your drive home, tiring? Ours was excellent, we got stuck in standstill traffic at Jct16 for over an hour due to a crash involving 3 cars, people ended up getting out of their cars and wandering about ;( , I rang Dave and he was already nearly home :nutter: luckily i passed the time by keeping the morale up of fellow motorists by being a clown :roll:


My latest addition to the car seemed to get abit of attention and go down well too, which im pleased about :cheers:


Thanks for organising it Trig :thumb:

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Great day, nice to see most of you again :D

Stand had a nice selection of cars on it, and the weather was top towards the mid - later part of the day when the sun broke through!


Had a good play with the new FRS before everyone got into the show. It was only taxed 5 days ago, and has covered 272 miles by the time it had got to the show, which is the first show it had been to!

Very nice of Ford to bring it along as its the first one off the line.


Mike, i feel sorry for ya, i skipped over at Silverstone onto the A5


BTW Drax, the RS200 int an RS200

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had a great time was good to meet the "other" lot from down south lol (even if they do go and flatten their bettery and need a push :P aye mutley? :roll: )


some of the motors there were amazing, wish i had the kinda money some of those guys have! first time iv seen a drag strip in action and some of it was pretty impressive especially the rocket car and the orange muscle car!!! also i want that silver escort and the fiesta wityh the scooby engine!!!!!!


thos RS's a nice up close, ian i HATE you i want a go!!


am paying for the lack of sleep today in a boiling hot offiice but enjoyed it all the same, those drifters are nuts too!!!


cheers for a great time and a good few laughs!


no more pics?

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I wasn't with you guys, but took a wander round the evo stand and took these, thought I'd put them up in case people wanted them. Rest of my pictures are at http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v242/mas...2009/?start=140 :)











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