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a summary of the UK


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quoted from a other forum




"The UK is a dump basically. There's no jobs, no culture, the weather forces you to live indoors most of the year and its insanely expensive. The government are a borderline fascist dicatorship (staffed by a new 'political class' that has never worked or indeed lived in the real world) and nobody is allowed to (legitimitely) generate any wealth under any circumstances. Or else.


Its an awful country with an awful history that never had emancipation for the white man - we are and remain always tax serfs without a constitution living under a parliamentary system that worked great in 1667 when 50 men owned everything and needed somewhere to get business done without Kingy sticking his oar in. Sadly it doesn't work quite so well in 2009.


Imagine France sans revolution run by university marxists mixed with the worst kind of economic and cultural repression you can imagine.


Unfortunately, nobody who isn't rich can afford to live here. An entire generation now can't get a mortgage and the government have flooded the country with cheap transitory economic slaves from eastern Europe and Asia (who all export what little wealth there is instead of settling and integrating) because the class formerly known as the 'working class', formerly known as the 'agrarian class' can't actually afford to farm or work thanks to tax, inflation and EU legislation.


Finally, thanks to unbridled economic migration since the 50's and a revolting suffocating politically correct doctrine that has the eradicaiton of Britishness or white christian/anglo saxon culture in favour of some kind of coffe coloured 'multi cultural utopia' as its core creed, we're now completely segregated as a society with whole cities being dominated by ethnic groups and 'racists' aka the natives with everyone else leaving or moving abroad as soon as they can get a VISA.


The worst thing about the UK is that we're neither united or a kingdom. There's London and there's the blighted wastes. The Scots hate the English and the English subsidise the Scots and hate them for hating them, the Irish (N.I.) have never been welcome in the Union and are treated terribly by everyone from politicians to insurance companies (a form of economic racism that's been running longer than the 'troubles'). The Welsh hate the English and the Irish and the Scottish and since they tore the heart out the Welsh economy in the 70's and 80's Wales has become a perverse mixture of yuppie playground and heroin rinsed nightmare.


Then there is 'England'. Which consists of: Poland, India, Pakistan, Kenya, London, Kent, Surrey and Bedford. The other bits are either run by Muslims (Lancashire) or by Pikeys (the infidel half of Lancashire and most of Yorkshire). The nice bits are owned by rich white people (Cotswolds etc) and most of the major cities are failed ex-industrial powerhouses that now have no industry. Since the mines were closed and the mills shut down and we stopped manufacturing anything to speak of, three generations (around 40 million people) have just lived off the dole and bred like rabbits on vast sink estates and do nothing but thieve and breed. In the 'good old days' they would have joined the army and been packed off to the provinces of the Empire to 'bravely' mow down men in grass skirts with a Vickers and nick their country on behalf of the Queen and civlization. Now they just knife each other and anyone else that wanders in too close before dying of an overdose, HIV or malnutrition around age 35.


Everywhere is filthy populated by semi-ferral foul mouthed aggressive sociopaths and the only 'culture' is drink and football





quite a good write up i think.

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We're not alone, its the same story in most of the countries in europe. Germany had a massive influx of Turks years ago and have been complaining about loss of identity far longer than us (not to mention the fact that weve pretty much been flooding to Spain for decades in search of a better life ;) ).


If you look at the bigger picture, its got a lot to do with the uniting of Europe and its markets, which will never work in a million years because of the vast differences in culture and lifestyles. Unfortunately, like a lot of these things, people have to suffer before we realise our mistakes.

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Everywhere is filthy populated by semi-ferral foul mouthed aggressive sociopaths and the only 'culture' is drink and football


Not a sweeping comment in the slightest, and organisations like the BNP are full of them, wrapped up in 'explanations' and so called facts.


I laugh when everyone thinks that somehow if the UK were just full of white people then it would be some kind of amazing utopia, there wouldn't be any crime whatsoever and we'd all be driving hover crafts and singing hymns all day.


But hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion.

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French Foreign Legion site, I was reading about what drives someone to join and I came across that post written by a British bloke serving with them now. I just think it sums up the UK very well, just a shame the hippies don’t see it has is.


so let me get this straight?.... this guy appears to be complaining about the non-white people in our country (imigrants in other words) while serving in a armed force that isnt our own while in another country??


minor contradiction me thinks :rolleyes:

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