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my 2.3 si


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  • 2 weeks later...
keep that as it is mate, looks spot on. i think i prefer the wheels in gtrey actually, nearly painted the originals grey but went white at the very last minute.

glad to see shes still going.


hey mike yeah she's going just..lol rings are gone using about one and a half litres of oil a month lol so im on the look out for another 2L, wont sell this escort even if i won the lottery lol,might even paint the originals polaris but love them in white lol.



likeing that alot mate looks spot on...


cheers mate

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shame about the engine, i suppose nothing lasts for ever, why not buy another 2 litre lump and rebuild it, not being funny but theyre all getting old now, would be nice to have a nice 'new' rebuilt lump in rather than a another 15 year engine in. then just swap them around when its built. would finish the car off.
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bit of an update! been busy over the last month or so.. sourced a 2.o mondeo from a very good ford ownership,engine has done 136,000 miles but the block is spotless,it was serviced every 6,000 miles from new until present,stripped the head down and had 7 thou skimmed of it,i replaced the valve stem seals and thoroughly cleaned the head and valves,valves were all lapped back in,new timing belt,new water pump oil filter plugs etc....


donor car




engine out




skimmed head with head set




rebuilding engine




mine out




new one ready ish to go in




fitted and running sweet as a nut




also undersealed most of the car




got new front brake discs pads etc and rear dics pads and shoes,with braided hoses ready to go on




gauges trial fitted,got oil temp and pressure and volts.




where my heater controls are and a template i made last night,




got a few other thing i want to do,its getting resprayed and my white wheels are going anthracite and the calipers rocker cover and strut brace will be having a colour change aswell 8)

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bit of an update,car passed its mot,yay! and decided to do a bit of spraying.














new discs




and two of my wheels painted vauxhall anthracite metallic :ninja:





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