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my 2.3 si


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nice car mate


cheers mate.


a few pics of 2 alloys fitted

















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looks good there even under the bonnet! :D



The engine bay and wheels really look great :thumb:



They look sooooooooooooo much better in a dark colour!



They look sooooooooooooo much better in a dark colour!


They deffinatly do :)


The white wheels didnt look half as good


cheers guys still a bit to do though yet :cheers:

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Would it not have been better fitting your mud flaps with the scren that goes into the rear bumper to secure it ?



there not escort specific gaurds Liam, they look like a generic brand with a ford logo, chances are he set them that far out to completely cover the wheel splash....something the genuine escort ones dont entirely stop.


I quite like em, not keen on the escort ones, they never fit entirely flush and flex to much in the sun.


wheels look much better in a darker colour, Im pleased to see you didnt go total black, dont think it would have complimented those wheels to much.

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