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my 2.3 si


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well guys havent been on here properly in a while so i thought i'd show a couple of pics,nothing much has changed just bought a set of alloys which are masitally vt5's i think,was gonna use them as spares while i get my white ones refurbed and painted but they have grown on me and they've been on for a while,(still got the white 5 spokes,wont sell them lol),any way a couple of pics.

wheels bought and fitted!


decided to paint them polaris grey mmm!


looks good i think


comments welcome good or bad.


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that looks amazing :)


always wanted a 3door white mk6, now im desperado looking for one again!!! lol


if that was mine, it would be.....................shlammed lmao :)


looks great though mate, those wheels suit it much better than the last ones


i do like them but love the white ones to,cheers.



Very nice mate,


got any more plans for it?


would like some morrettesand maybe a few body colour mods, like black spoiler and mirrors etc..thats it.


looked betetr silver imo fella :( car looks spotless though!



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these are the old ones i have with the white wheels,nothing has changed though except for ford mudflaps lol













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If your thinking about a black and white thing black morettes would go perfect! Thought of that yet ?


always wanted them but cnt justify the price they fetch lol



Your motor looks the nuts with the white wheels. Always wanted a white mk6.



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