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escort mk6,something differant

protouring mk6

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hi new to this forum and as im building a mk6 escort i tought this would be a good place to show what im doing to it.the car is a gti which i picked up for 150 quid minus its bumpers, mirrors some bits of the engine and a half leather trim which was all in the boot.the plan of action is to fit 18" front wheels and 20" rears,no arch extensions all the wheels tucked nicely up in the origal arches on a 60mm drop.heres some pics how the project started and over the coarse of the week will post pics of the work which has been done to date.



car all striped ready to go on gig to have all the rear floor and chassie rails cut out.


heres the wheels fresh from the usa.18"x8 fronts 20"x10 on rear

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heres some more pics,the rear tyres are 275x30x20 and as you can see in the pics they are inside the arches.the rear beam has been narrowed 5"and raised 2" to off set the diameter of the rear wheels so car will still sit low.started to replace the chassis rails and new beam mounts which are being lazor cut at work.



these are the templates for the beam mouting brackets.



the wheels in the pics are just for set up.the hubs will be converted to five stud so no need for adaptors.

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i've seen this on passionford so far bloomin good work mate!


i take my hat off to you for undertaking all this work, and fitting 20's on an escort surely has to be show stunning car. can't wait to see it finished and see if it makes any front covers of mags!

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