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RS2000 2WD project


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picked up this up this. got it cheap :P needs some work buts its not that bad, gearbox is shot (syncro) got a new one in the boot and got a set of 17s thrown in but its staying on standard wheels.


from what i can see it needs a boot lid, arches are starting, needs gearbox and the left side skirt is cracked.

it has from what i can see.. lowered, janspeed exhaust, mongoose decat, pipercross panel filter





but in all im happy, would make my money back breaking if it come to such extremes... Will get some better pics tomorrow when its cleaned

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Could be a good car :) better pics needed though! :D


Did you sell the 1.6?


nah the baby is still sitting outside :) she needs a clutch cable so im fitting it tomorrow, did a sit loads of overtime at XMAS so this is my little treat :)


its been de egr'd too ;)

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Tourmallard Green isn't it?


Great cars these, would definately have another.


yep :) pitty i cant afford to insure it tho :roll: im 21 mext may so if im keeping it itll be a little project, drives nice apart from as soon as you give it power the clutch slips like a bitch. and the syncro in 2nd and 3rd

was a guy i know who had it, Hes up in court on monday for drink driving so hes loosing his ticket. thats why it was so cheap ;)

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okay.. MOT info says its had a couple bits of welding, once on the NS rear leg. and the other on the NS floor front. Ill have a good look under tomorrow :) and ill probably fix any/if any rust problems ;) Everything is repairable and TBH id like to see it stay on the road... One thing im really inpressed with is the amont of reciepts kept for it!!! the most ive ever seen.. Its two A4 folders, one with all the MOTs from new and the other with rubbish loads of reciepts front to back :O

it had a private plate but its gone now


This is only a small amount :D









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Okay... now for the daytime pics... gave it a clean a bit too.. couple of blemeshis here and there buts its alrite ;)

bonnet has a dent and cracked bumper and pass skirt has been broken,, i think they removed it to weld the front floorpan

If it turns out to be a turd ill just throw the lump in my 1.6







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Looks alright to me. Bumpers and bonnets and things are easily replaced, so nothing to worry about there.


Has it got any of the options on it? Air con? Heated screen? Pass air bag?


I reckon you should get it all fixed up then use it. You've got time to go over it and make it as good as possible. Too many are getting broken sadly. Very underrated cars IMO

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