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Google Chrome v Firefox v IE


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never personally bothered with any other browsers, I tend to stick to IE8 after trying both the two you mentioned and finding them no faster or lacking most of the additional features IE8 offers as standard.
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I used to be a firefox man but now it fails hard!

Google chrome was nice for a few weeks but I grow bored of it, so I think i'm just gonna stick with IE once my new computer pitches up


Aye Firefox was fast when compared to IE6 and - to an extent - IE7, but it's pish, utter pish, when compared to IE8 which is where MS finally fcuking pulled up it's socks and sorted things out.


People confuse EVO loading faster with a browser being good.

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Why would there never be an alternative to IE?

* Setting up a network switch/router etc prior to internet connection.

* Replacing a home "freebie" router with something a little more... urm... reliable prior to internet connection

* Setting up a bussiness network including router for an internet connection.

* Website designning on a non-internet connected PC.

* Using work PCs with restrictions like installing applications (ie: new browsers)


The list goes on... and on...


I've tried Chrome... It didn't perform to daily use standards for me.

I've tried Safari... Again it didn't perform as I would expect for daily use.

I've tried IE... It's ok if there isn't anything else... Newer versions seem to seriously lag on older systems.

I've tried Opera... It's fairly good, performance/display issues let it down in areas... I rely on it for mobile/PDA purposes.

I've tried Netscape... Who uses that anymore?

I've tried Firefox... So far it's not let me down on what I wanted for a daily use browser... Firefox is where I stay.

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