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Ford Fair 2010 Report

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Alrite.Very good day today some of the action was good and alot of good cars on show.Good evo stand aswell.

Lordjc,Roddsescort and alan (Lordjc brother) on the track
Evo stand,some pics

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hey guys just finished my 330 mile round trip to and from ford fair. this was my first car show and boy was it a big one really glad i went was wondering what other peoples reactions was? how it compared to previous shows and was there any cars that really took peoples eyes and post some pics of some nice cars if possible. i will try and post some pics when i find the camera cable


thanks guys


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Great day for us 170 mile round trip and well worth it imo got some pics of the evo cars on the stand and a couple of ross and jc on track will get them loaded up tomorrow i'm knackered lol, Pissed off i didn't get to meet kniterider as i wanted a chat with him so if anyone has his mobile number pm it me please as he offered to sell me something months ago and im still waiting lmao other than that spot on oh apart from the traffic on the bypass before silverstone worse this year than the last 3 just over an hour and a half we were queuing today :vangry: :vangry:
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absolutely great day first time i ve been n its was amazin x lovely cars great track racing but a little moan as im female you wont expect anything less lol xxx wasp central and OMG who the hell charges 6.50 for a cheeseburger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! absolutely great time though x

dont forget the £1.80 for a bottle of coke - i bought 3 :nutter:

awesome day out, shame i couldnt walk over to see the best stuff, stupid leg. fun chatting with all of you and was good too watch the RS turbo leaving in a cloud of smoke. eau de buggered engine :P

speaking of which, did anyone pass him broken down?

my way back was littered with broken fords, luckily not mine (only just - my brakes are sh*te)


next year will be different as hopefully i wont be selling loads of bits, be able to walk un-aided, remember suncream (i'm well done) and my mondy will be in one piece with few subtle changes :)

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i watched Lordjc go round the track few times but everytime i went to get a snap i kept getting a pic of the walls lol who is the one with the Amparo 'scort with gold rims?


that was rodsescort


any body here go on the 0-60 run as i was walking back from watching a few i saw LordJC's car there did he do one?


didn't get round to it, maybe next year! driving over beat walking, dunno why they had to put it miles away!


i'll upload some of my pics later

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