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Show me your gti estate?


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Not a GTi, but as good as . Theres a few estates on here. LeeR's is another one that everyone mentions :thumb:


if you want spats, go for the Volvo s40/60 ones, they are the perfect length. These ones here




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they both look the nuts :drool:


both so different but equally as stunning


i'm going for the more subtile look, i'll add some pictures of mine soon


keep em coming guys :thumb:


the only difference was the front grilles...and the fact Lees morrettes weren't body colour. And they both were subtly styled. Go any subtler and you'll be standard, the only external mods were the lights, grilles,goonas and wheels

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Ive been told these are quite rare, is this true?


anybody got one?


i bought one a while back and have started modding it, im looking for some more ideas


:thumb: :thumb:



There was only 500 GTi estates made, so yes they are considered rare.


Friends mum picked up a standard one a month ago.



As for things to do I would get some alloys, lower it and sort out some rear spats.


I see the S40 Volvo ones have been mentioned, but as you said you are going for subtle you could always extend some gti spats for the estate.


I knocked up some for my Ghia Si


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