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Gauges & Pillar pods


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Before flocking and fibre glass
















It was the guage holder designed for a MK6 escort

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IMO not the best place to put it


Unfortunately true when it comes to mk6's, but in Johns defense, gone are the easy to use flat surfaces of the mk5 and mk5b and in its place sweeping curves and bends right across the dash making molding in gauges that don't look out of place twice the job and 10 times the involvement to achieve.


I'm fortunate to have a mk5b which offers a abundance of usable flat angles to mount gauges and in my case a Usb flashdrive & Ipod/phone reading bluetooth receiver too :pancake:

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yea i saw them, i like the thinking,


mine wont be for looks either, as my dvd is going in the same place as the last one i may just make a plate to mount them where the stereo used to live.


gonna go ahead and order that alarm and the water temp sensor/gauge me thinks.

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i found this a while ago and am in the process of copying it. i have moved my heater controls and currently have a oil pressure gauge in place (no pic)

but i will soon be getting my other 2 gauges, the green perspex panel will have letters number etc... stuck on it will then be painted black with the letters peeled of leaving the letters numbers etc... glowing green :D





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I fabricated a plate between a mondeo centre console and the escort dash to mount mine :)




Then covered it in vinyl pulled from a door card



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^^ that kits look great! :)





doesnt always translate into....


"will be"


from large experience of such modding, that particular kit will require a lot of modification to the dash and original surround to accomplish anything near the image displayed (which btw looks suspiciously like a photoshop job).


It looks "plug & play"...... it definitely isn't.

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