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Right looking to get a set of GTi alloys and found a set local to me and asked for some pics:











My question is, WTF is going on with the weights, is that amount something to be concerned with, are they square or has some one got carried away? as I don't think I have ever had any more than 4 on an alloy?

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Local ? How local really are they ?


I know that you're clever enough to figure out this on your own, but here I go.


Make a deal - I'll leave you a deposit and take 2 of those wheels to nearest kwik-fit for a quick spin on a balancing machine with no weights.


Or have a meet up there.


No ?

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there's an unusually large amount of weights on oppersite sides isnt there??.


My guess is that at some point while performing a wheel balancing the operator didnt remove the old weights before balancing and has instead recieved a response from the machine thats not taken into account the existing weights.

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