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I've got an external that I'll use for data backups, and another caddy with an old laptop hdd in it that I'll use for the OS X installation itself.


Turns out the inspiron 530 is a right PITA to get working, as the BIOS doesn't support AHCI for the SATA drives so the installer couldn't see the internal drives.


I tried both unibeast and myhack, but couldn't get the modified IOATAFamily.kext to play nicely with the installer USB in either case, and ended up somehow knackering my 8GB pen drive in the process. So I installed lion to the external laptop drive, added the kext file, rebooted and saw the internal drives and am now cloning. Then I'll worry about audio. Ethernet and my gfx card work out the box, which is nice, detected my two 22" displays straight away.


Then on to windows and linux!

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Yep, seems to have gone well.

Audio (audigy 2), Video (9800GT) and network all working fine. The installation cloned successfully (also meaning I have the original as a backup, now - or a portable installation...hmm...). Haven't installed linux or 7 yet, and I can't install the boot loader via multi beast as the site is currently offline for an upgrade - perfect timing!

Few little things to work out, including why OS X is insistent on reenabling my none existent floppy drive after each boot, and why it insists on restarting my PC rather than shutting it down. Im sure Ill get these ironed out soon enough. On to installing all the software I need now.

Also yet to figure out why it refuses to see the remaining SATA drive...

Aside from that, seems to be working fine!

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Maybe you need to mount the other internal drive (osx is quite different to windows in how it manages drives). Try disk manager?

How is Lion running on this system then?

Any pics?

Sounds like it may be worth grabbing one off ebay as they go for around £130 with monitors.

What cpu & memory is yours?

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OS X isn't even recognising theres another drive plugged in, let alone mounting partitions! I'm gonna try swapping around the SATA port from the DVD to the HDD, as theres been mention of using the top most SATA ports. Bit annoying but not a show stopper.


My 530 is a 2.4 C2D with 2GB DDR2 (more memory on the way!), but it seems to run well (so far, Ive not really thrown anything heavier than web browsing and emailing at it). Office 2011 and CS4 are going on soon enough, though.


£130 for a 530 + £21 for Lion, seems a bit of a bargain! Wish I could find a way of disabling that bl**dy full screen mode though, as it just makes the other screen go blank.

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Yeah, two screens. Lion has a full screen mode that snow leopard didn't have, trying to be more iOS like. Apps like safari will maximise onto a new desktop, but it just makes any other attached monitors have that textured grey background, rather than anything useful. Does the same thing on my MacBook, it's a PITA.
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Yeah, I might give that a go. Bit of a bl**dy faff though. I wish they just maximised to fill the screen that they're on. Theres a pretty good window snapping app akin to windows 7 though.

I should have searched harder for snow leopard, as I can't really use the full screen thing without the swipe gestures on the multitouch trackpad, and Ill be damned if I'm paying 50 quid for the privilege of that.

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Yup, that's the guide I used, pretty easy tbh. It would be nigh on one click install if the dell had AHCI. As it didn't, it was a bit more difficult... Which way did you do it? MyHack?


Apple stuff does "just work". Just with other Apple stuff.


Haven't had chance to play with the hackintosh tonight, been out to see The Dark Knight Rises.

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I have only done a few dell mini 10v's and done that with guides from mydellmini.

This will be my first desktop.

It will be a Dell Optiplex 380 but it looks like that is missing the AHCI option too.

Surely you should of still been able to install then boot from the usb pen?

Then use multibeast to make it self boot?

Did you use iboot?

Is yours booting from the internal sata now then?

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