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Yes mate we've just used one that advertised on eBay who was local to us. As we had just but an accident damaged car, had no problems what so ever, did it fairly cheap as well will definatly use them again in future.

Pays to phone a few tho as we got all sorts of prices.

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So far the options are....


Get it moved for me -- £350 -- no thanks!!


Insure someone else to drive it following me home, then drive them back up here, then drive home again -- 4 journeys worth of fuel.


Drive one home, hire car, drive back up in hire car, drop hire car off and drive home in the other. -- 3 lots of fuel plus £70 hire.


Drive one home, jump on national express back here, drive the other home -- 2 lots of fuel plus £70 bus ticket.



Any other suggestions?

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The last one, or what about an off peak train ticket???


or has one of the cars got a tow hitch, and hire a car transport trailer???, just done a quick google for you, if i remember your based at cattrick, there is a hire company in Ripon (ripon trailer centre, 01765 534 376), from some of the prices your looking at about 40.00 a day ISH, hope that helps, but no good if you aint got a tow hitch :D

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Wow catterick, that was a while ago, nah I'm in leconfield,

Neither of the cars have a tow bar, the one that did is sat at home with a dead turbo, I'd have no issues otherwise as I've got a trailer....


Oh and that was a price for off peak ticket :(



ohh well the thought was there, hang on a min have a word with the motor pool at your base, get a 7>5 tonne problem solved, say its a training mission :roll:

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